These multistage openwell submersible pumps are ideally suitable for openwell/pond/dem where there is wide fluction in water level, hence suction and priming problems do not arise, prime movers is of wet type, water lubricated motor.


Horizontal/Vertical Openwell borewell submersible pump is designed for various applications like:

  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation systems
  • Pumping from in-well bores
  • Pumping from sumps for high rise buildings and industry
  • River and canal lift-irrigation
  • Openwell pumping for agriculture & irrigation


  • Submerged in water permantatly so no need of separate cabin
  • Compact design suitable for minimum water level
  • It also works on low voltage
  • Noiseless and vibration free operation
  • Installation without foot valve
  • Easy installation and servicingion
Performance Chart
HP Range0.5 HP to 2 HP
Head RangeUpto 500 feet
PhaseThree Phase
Delivery Stage1" to 2"
S.No Motor HP Feet
1 0.50 Hp 125
2 1.0 Hp 180
3 1.5 Hp 240
4 2.0 Hp 300